I don’t want to change the world.

I'd love you to know that you can change yours.

What you get when you book me to speak is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story. It’s not a story about cancer. It’s not a talk about health and wellness. It’s a story about living and life. And that’s why it’s relatable to any audience.

My goal is to make the audience feel alive, to know there is hope and to leave with a new determination to live from their heart. I don’t deliver a formula. I simply deliver my story.


I’m not a celebrity speaker. I don’t use fancy language. But I will give you my whole vulnerable self and I will speak from my heart.


You can expect to cry and laugh. You can expect some swearing. At the end, there is usually a 50-year-old guy who will rush up and nearly tackle me with a cuddle, because his mate just died and I have given him some hope. Everybody wants a seed of hope. Everybody wants to believe that life’s not shit.