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Celebrating Pop

I'm not sure we have ever had a typical father daughter relationship (thank goodness + whatever that even means).

From as early as I can remember we shared a number of interests. Primarily business and an obsession with making ourselves better.

Dad gave me the poem "it's all in the state of mind" at age 9 - I think that shaped the rest of my life.

We have learnt along side each other, from each other and have consistently been the best of friends + each others harshest critics.

We started working together when I was 14 years old. Dad knew I was not the brightest kid he had however he always encourage my curiosity, admired my energy and answered my endless questions. Thanks Pop!

In 48 years we have never run out of things to talk about, we only ever seem to run out of time to discuss them.

Celebrating the Dad's today, that encourage, support, challenge and celebrate their daughters just as they are.

Thanks Pop for always believing in me, even when the chips where stacked against me.

Di x



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