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Love Cleanse with Lisa - podcast

As humans, we can all relate to experiencing our own versions of a crisis that shakes awake our life. The beauty is that we always get to choose if these challenges define what we believe is impossible or instead allow new possibilities.

Di is a self-confessed ordinary woman who has an extraordinary story. When Di was in her thirties, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told 'go home and get your affairs in order'.

Di made a life-changing decision and trusted her instinctual inner whisper with what to do next. The intention was simple, spend 365 days focused on gratitude, being present in life and living as naturally as she could for as long as she possibly could. Di acknowledges that If you try and be happy for 365 days, you cant actually do it. But what you can do is you can choose to be present to your emotions and feelings and in this episode, Di shares a lot on the power of intention and choice when facing adversity.

Years on and Di lives in radical remission. One of Di’s highest values in life is growth and she has learned that her greatest hardships brought her greatest lessons. Her story cannot be defined as a tale of cancer or a talk about health and wellness. Her story is a testimony of living a life led by love which we can all relate to, learn from and find hope in.

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