Deep Dive with Di

Ever wanted to dive deep into your own stuff.........

Not the surface stuff, but the stuff way below that, that stuff that makes you tick.  The stuff that holds you back.  

Have a real conversation, about things that matter, things that make a difference for you. 


In the way that you feel about life, yourself, your family, your current reality, your level of wellness, innate healing, holistic of those conversations that dives right in to your stuff.


No fluffing around with the small talk or the other persons's all about you.

This one is all about you + I can't wait............

Now is your chance to dive deep, to dive deep with Di..........why Di?

Straight up: experience, life experience.  

Di has lived a life and a half in her short 46 years + she knows better than anyone that there is no one answer for all.  And that's what deep diving is all about, YOU.  And what is right for you at this time.

Having been diagnosed with secondary terminal cancer + given a life expectancy of 12 months and having done NO MEDICAL TREATMENT, Di experienced a radical remission.

Di is not the google it type of chick (although is getting some practise at this trying to keep up with Mr 6), she is more into the intuitive. 

Having done her journey intuitively, 8 and half years later she now shares what she has learnt with others so that they can live there Best Big Life.

You can either ask a million and one questions on what she did + how she experienced a radical remission.......

Or you can dive in to exactly where you are at + the intuitive steps from here to get you on a path of living your Best Big Life.

Because that's what it is all about, diving deep so that we can live our own version of our Best Big Life.