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Open your eyes to another way........

Life is layered.


It is both light and dark, bright and dull, simple and deeply complex. 

Living in the layers can be sweltering.

I get it and sometimes we all need a little help to get through the daily grind.


I am the master of stepping above the grind, slowing down, decluttering life, finding hope. 

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Executive Coaching


If you are looking for a trusted confidant who hears, challenges and supports you, I can help.

I see your reality.

I’m here in service to you,

to open your eyes to another way. 

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Some people hate public speaking. Not me. I'm most comfortable as a storyteller. What I want my audience to leave with is hope. And a different way to experience living. A wee warning: there may be tears


Sometimes life serves up shit bits + Di has certainly had her fair share of those. 

It's what we do with those bits of life that count........................... 

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